Supreme Court Judge Grants the Police Permission to Access Navin Ramgoolam’s Bank Accounts & Details

After having searched the house of the ex-PM, Navin Ramgoolam, and seized Rs 220 million, the police will now proceed to analysing his bank accounts.

Navin Ramgoolam

Navin Ramgoolam in the company of lawyer Hiren Jankee Marjoreland Potiah in front of the Supreme Court, 24th of February. Photo credits: Marjoreland Potiah.

The police had made an appeal to be given the permission to go through the bank accounts of Navin Ramgoolam. Yesterday, 24th of February, Judge Ah Foon Chui Yew Cheong of the Supreme Court gave the green light for the police to have access to the bank accounts of Navin Ramgoolam and his wife Veena.

This step is considered to be essential as part of the investigation involving the ex-PM who has been accused with charges of money-laundering conspiracy. The details that are to be obtained from this exercise are expected to shed more light on the affair. The ex-PM’s loans, credit cards and coffers will all be analysed by the investigators. Furthermore, the permission granted by the Supreme Court will allow the police to verify all of the financial transactions of the Navin Ramgoolam and his wife.

The police had previously formulated their request based on article 64 (9) and 10 of the Banking Act to prompt the financial institutions to allow access to:-

  1. The bank accounts of Navin Ramgoolam and his wife, Veena Ramgoolam.
  2. The details of the loans contracted by the couple.
  3. The details of all their “cash dealings”.
  4. The details of their credit cards.
  5. The details of their coffers.

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