Port Louis Bazar: Tourists Fooled Into Buying TShirt and Spices at Rs 2000 and Rs 3000

It has been reported that some sellers in the market of Port-Louis have fooled tourists into buying T-shirts with “medical virtues” for Rs 2 000 each as well as a packet of tea and spices at Rs 3 000 each.

port-louis-market (1)

The market of Port-Louis

A group of tourists lost around Rs 24 000 on ‘miraculous’ T-shirts and tea and vanilla as well as some spices in the capital city, Port-Louis. They related having been told by a seller that they could buy T-shirts impregnated with “medical virtues”, which supposedly explained the high prices of the latter.

The gullible tourists fell into the trap and bought 6 such T-shirts for Rs 12 000. They then shifted to another stall where they were again fooled into paying for items at ridiculously expensive prices: they bought spices such as cardamom and cinnamon together with a small packet of tea for Rs 12 000; they have allegedly bought each item for Rs 3 000.

The tourist initially thought that they had bagged some really good offers. However, some time later, reality sank in, as they proceeded to other parts of Port-Louis, outside the local market.

Thereafter, they went to the police station located at the market and asked to be accompanied by police officers to have their money back from those sellers who had fooled them. It seems that the tourists were indeed successful at obtaining their money back from the treacherous people. However, the tourists having not filed any police case against the latter, the sellers in question have not been sanctioned by law.

Also, many tourists who go through such unpleasant experiences do not file complaints because they would not stay in Mauritius for long enough.

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