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UK Warns Mauritius of Potential Terrorist Attack at SSR Airport

It has been reported that authorities from the UK have informed the Mauritian ones of a potential terrorist attack at the SSR airport in Mauritius and that the former expect to happen soon.

airport mauritius

RadioPlus relayed the news, explaining that the UK anti-terrorist cell was informed by a British tourist claimed having observed ‘weird’ happenings when he was at the airport of Mauritius on the 29th of January. He stated having seen a man who apparently was on a flight to Hong Kong taking a series of photos when he was inside the airport, including those of the ceiling, floor, and corners, as well as doors and the kids’ corner.

The British tourist affirmed that the man thereafter stopped when he noticed the former looking at him, but he continued later. He then decided to take the photo of the man and sent it to the anti-terrorist cell in Manchester, England. The officers there are said to have analysed the risk of an attack and communicated the information to Mauritius.

Mauritian authorities managed to gain additional data about the man and realised that the latter has no past link with terrorism. His nationality has not been made public though. But, the alert is maintained.

Is our haven threatened, or is this just a blown-out-of-proportion stunt?! Has the British tourist grossly exaggerated concerning just another tourist taking a bunch of pictures, spamming the snap button? Has his paranoia led him to inform the authorities? Perhaps, it was the man’s first time in the airport of Mauritius and was just excited to be here? But, then, why would he act so suspiciously, by taking pictures of every corner? On the other hand, would people planning an attack allow one of their men to act in such a way as to gain the attention of others? Readers, we’ll keep you updated.


  • Who cares about Mauritius really? It’s a small island with a non-significant population. Even if they blow the whole thing up, they won’t make things change for themselves. Like it is said here, it is very likely it is some Asian tourist taking snaps, mind you, it is a well-known stereotype that asians in general (and that one was from HONG KONG) loves to take a lot of pictures of everything and let’s admit it, our airport is gorgeous. What I think is GOV is using a false alert/insignificant news to attract people’s attention away from P.Jugnauth’s case and the fact that they are only loitering around. This way mauritians are gathered against a common enemy and forgets for one year that nothing worthwhile is being done.

  • This may have been no more than a reaction by an overzealous attention seeker, but the threat of a potential attack is nevertheless real. Airport staff should be vigilant at all times and not hesitate to report any suspicion.
    All it takes is just one such terrorist act to destroy the tourism industry in mauritius.
    Look what happened to Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt.

  • He may nt a terrorist as resently we gt some serians with fake passport as they transit here and go the european country

  • This british himself seems weird. I feel this is a way to draw terrorist attention towards our country. This should. Be kept as secret as possible and the anti terrorist department should continue with the enquiry till everything is clear cut. Not based on a bias assumption and make this kind of serious thing public.

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