Veena Ramgoolam Positively Identifies Coffers & Suitcases

By 16h30 today afternoon, Veena Ramgoolam, the wife of ex-PM, Navin Ramgoolam, was still at the headquarters of the CCID. She had arrived some hours earlier, at 13h00. It seems that she has positively identified the safe deposit boxes and suitcases seized from her husband’s home.
veena ramgoolam

Veena Ramgoolam arriving at the CCID

Veena Ramgoolam was accompanied by her lawyer, Robin Ramburn, to the CCID today afternoon. Her testimony pertaining to the two safe deposit boxes and two suitcases seized from the home of the ex-PM was requested by the police.

Reporters who were waiting for the arrival of Veena Ramgoolam attempted to ask her questions relevant to the police case, but in vain. The investigators immediately led her into the office where the two coffers and two suitcases were laid bare. She was to identify the latter.

Veena Ramgoolam was thereafter brought to another room where she might be testifying, as per the needs of the case.

Navin Ramgoolam had initially alleged that the passwords of the suitcases and coffers were known to his wife only. However, he himself gave them away yesterday: the items were opened on Sunday, 8th of February, after Navin Ramgoolam divulged the respective passwords.

The contents of the coffers and suitcases were found to be notes of Rs 2 000, Rs 1 000, and Rs 500 as well as US dollars notes. A counting exercise was launched to determine how much money has Navin Ramgoolam been amassing and hiding from authorities. The procedure of which bank officers are in charge resumed today at 16h00, and is not expected to end soon.

An hour ago, Veena Ramgoolam was still at the CCID. According to the reports of RadioPlus, she has positively identified the safe deposit boxes and suitcases.

Updates 18h00

Veena Ramgoolam was still being interrogated.

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