17 Year Old Student Keshnee Purmasing Died After Falling From School Bus

Last week, it was reported that a teenage girl had fallen from a bus of a private company that led to her having serious injuries. The circumstances that led to the mishap were initially not known. An investigation was carried out to find out who was guilty. Meanwhile, Unfortunately, the wounds of the girl proved to be fatal: Keshnee Purmasing died yesterday night (29.03.15) at Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital at Rose-Belle.

girl off bus

Keshnee Purmasing was admitted to the Rose-Belle hospital last Monday (23.03.15) after she fell from a moving bus. She had been severely wounded and was thus under the care of the medical personnel of the ICU of the hospital. She was placed under artificial breathing, but succumbed to the wounds yesterday night.

What happened on the 23rd of March?

The victim of the sad incident was returning home last Monday, travelling in a bus from a private company. The bus was crowded with more than 80 students onboard, all from Hindu Girls College and Dhunputh Lallah State Secondary School. Keshnee Purmasing was standing at the back of the bus. Witnesses have testified that when they had reached around Union Park, she noticed that the emergency door was not properly closed. One of the girls who narrated what happened, going by the name Anisha from Dhunputh Lallah SSS, stated that Keshnee attempted to close the door, but she lost her balance as the driver was speeding and she fell onto the road.

Anisha also affirmed that when Keshnee fell off the bus, the other girls informed the bus conductor – who was also operating as driver on that day – of what had happened. However, Anisha said that the driver did not stop the vehicle. The latter is reported to have said “Pa mo problem sa”.

The driver is said to have only stopped two bus-stops later. He had then filed a complaint at the police station of Rose-Belle explaining that the girl had jumped from the moving vehicle. He is also said to have asked the other students to tell the police officers that Keshnee was the only one guilty of what happened. However, the girls have maintained that Keshnee Purmasing did not jump, as have other witnesses of the accident who had transported the girl to the hospital.

An autopsy will be performed today on the corpse of Keshnee Purmasing.

The victim of the sad incident was 17 years of age. She was in lower VI at the Hindu Girls College. She is described as having been a hard-working student. Her family related that she had a number of projects in mind. They still had hope that she would survive in spite of the serious wounds. However, fate had it otherwise.


  • justice cant B denied ………….n we hope zat we will hav z support of every student 2 help to get her justice………..zats allllllll

  • For me wat i hve to say is only 2 things :
    1) i think zat all private buses shud hve a check up of all his doors as myself was passed in the incident of an open door.
    2) all student shud stay seated in their buses in case of an open door and to finish it i wud like to say all school buses shud take only seated person. there shud be no standing.

    For me the driver and the student are both guilty as its an incident zat noone could imagine zat it wud take place !
    im vry simpathy to z girl and his family !

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