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19 Year Old Woman Accuses 61 Year Old Teacher of Rape

A 19 year old student in Mauritius has accused her teacher of rape. However, the photos uploaded on Facebook indicate another version: the two seemed to have been in a relationship. Either way, rape or not, the teacher might still have charges pressed against him.

girl forced

A 19-year-old student has accused her 61-year-old of having abused of her for 2 years (2012 – 2014). The teacher, named Alain D., has been arrested on Wednesday by the police force of Vacoas. He is still held under detention.

The allegations of the young woman have, however, been denounced as being baseless. It is said that her Facebook profile says otherwise. Those having had access to her timeline state that she was actually in a relationship with her teacher for 2 years. It seems that she had also published photos online of the two of them together. One of the pictures is said to depict her kissing the accused. A demonstration has even been organised to denounce her accusation.

On the other hand, even if the teacher in question is not inculpated for rape, he will still most likely end in trouble. According to l’Express, he has explained to the police that he had not raped the student, but that he did actually have consensual sexual relations with her. He indicated that the young woman would go to his place at Albion. He further added that her parents were aware of their relationship. He related that they had even travelled to India together. So, if he is not charged with rape, he might still be charged temporarily with “causing child to be sexually abused ”.

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