Alleged Conspiracy Against Navin Ramgoolam: Yatin Varma & Rama Valayden Request An Investigation

Yatin Varma and Rama Valayden, are in the spotlight again. They have asked for a police investigation concerning an article published in a local newspaper. They argue that the article addresses issues that contain “serious allegations”.

Yatin V. & Rama Valayden

Yatin Varma & Rama Valayden

Yatin Varma and Rama Valayden, both lawyers, having occupied the post of Attorney General in the past, were at the CCID headquarters on Wednesday afternoon to request a police investigation relating to the information provided through an article published in a weekly newspaper on the 1st of March.

The article in question mention 3 individuals who were trying to obtain confessions to incriminate the ex-PM, Navin Ramgoolam, pertaining to an alleged money transfer. Furthermore, an affidavit was mentioned, involving Simo Carevic, the CEO of the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise, and Thomas Galet, the Deputy CEO of Africa Dufry, dating back from the 26th of February, before they left Mauritius.

According to the account published in the newspaper, businessman Rakesh Gooljaury had organised a meeting with the two men and three other personalities on the 16th and 17th of February in a hotel at Balaclava and in a flat located in Quatre-Bornes.

The article continues explaining that the Mauritian personalities have allegedly requested the foreigners to denounce Navin Ramgoolam as being the owner of two companies in Cyprus.

Lawyers Varma and Valayden have affirmed that these are serious allegations that have been made and require proper investigation.

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