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Aquarelle Factory Employees On Strike Over Inadequate Salaries

Aquarelle employees have gone on strike today morning. They purport having received inadequate salaries.


The employees of the Aquarelle Factory based in Surinam have been on strike since today morning (26.03.15). They were around 300 of them having been taken by surprise by the payslip they received. They were outraged to find that their salaries were inadequate, believing that they should have obtained a greater amount given that they allegedly worked for additional hours.

The employees affirmed that they have attempted to contact the management without any success. They are thus still waiting to have a response. They also indicated that they were told new measures were soon going to be proposed to them.

Union worker Faisal Ally Beegun has, on the other hand, stated that no hasty decision should be taken. He is of the opinion that the conditions of work should be reviewed. He has called out to the Ministry of Work and Industrial Relations to come to the help of the workers.

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