Ashok Kumar Bakhshi, ex-Executive Director of TEC, “Embarrasses India”

The ex-executive director of the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), Ashok Kumar Bakhshi, has been described in Times of India as having embarrassed the country after he was arrested last week in the airport of Mauritius.

Ashok Kumar Bakshi

Ashok Kumar Bakhshi

Last Thursday, Ashok Kumar Bakshi was leaving the island for India. However, he was called at the headquarters of the CCID after two complaints were filed against him.

He is suspected of conspiracy relating to the accreditation of a tertiary educational institution and of harassment as well.

As a consequence of the serious allegations, Ashok Kumar Bakshi cannot leave Mauritius.

The performance of Ashok Kumar Bakhshi has been greatly criticised, by both Mauritians and Indians. Last week in Parliament, the Minister of Education, Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, affirmed that “we had a lot of problems with the former director.” His case was also mentioned in an article in the Times of India after he was arrested.

«In a major embarrassment to India, Delhi University Professor Ashok Kumar Bakhshi who was still February-end director of Mauritius Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) was arrested on Thursday from Plaisance airport while leaving for India », wrote one of the reporters of Times of India.

Ashok Kumar Bakhshi was to be questioned by officers of the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) today. The case is being closely followed by India, specially so since the Indian Prime Minister is to be the guest of honour for the 12th of March Independence Day celebrations in Mauritius.

It is alleged that he had scanned a number of documents linked to the Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning and Management (EIILM) which is owned by Sunil Jeetah, the brother of ex-minister Rajesh Jeetah. The latter is also suspected of corruption.

It is also said that Ashok Kumar Bakshi and ex-minister Rajesh Jeetah were close to each other. The latter had demonstrated great loyalty to his friend in the past. Will Ashok Kumar Bakshi return the favour, or will he now speak against his old companion during the CCID interrogations pertaining to the suspicions of corruption concerning Rajesh Jeetah?


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