Berenger’s Days As Leader of Opposition Are Limited, Says Anil Gayan

During a press conference organised by the party Muvman Liberater (ML), presided over by Anil Gayan, the latter spoke of Paul Berenger’s position as the Leader of the Opposition. He believes that Berenger will no longer be holding the coveted post in the coming days.

Anil Gayan

Anil Gayan, Minister of Health & Quality of Life

The Minister of Health & Quality of Life, of the political party Muvman Liberater, Anil Gayan, told members of the press that Paul Berenger might possibly lose his position as Leader of the Opposition given the many losses the MMM has had to face recently. Several personalities of the MMM have left the party, namely Joe Lesjongard, Jean-Claude Barbier and Raffick Sorefan. These resignations might culminate to that of Berenger himself from the post of the government watchdog, according to Anil Gayan.

Time will tell of the future of Paul Berenger.

Anil Gayan also shared his own forecasts relating to Ameenah Gurib-Fakim; he is of the opinion that the latter will soon be crowned the President of the Republic.

Furthermore, he commented on the Iqbal Toofanny case – he promised an in-depth investigation to shed light on the circumstances that led to the death of the man. The case has rallied much public opinion, with the hashtag #NousSommesIqbal trending on social network Facebook.

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