Budget 2015: Gambling Firms Feeling The Negative Impact Already

The budget was revealed only this week and the gambling firms are already feeling the impact of the new regulations.


The budget 2015 might very well be the beginning of the end for gambling firms in Mauritius. The recent regulations regarding advertising for gambling and the significant increases in the Licence Fees are expected to impact severely on the companies.

The activities of Lottotech, for instance, might be reduced by 20 % after the implementation of the new regulatory measures. Scratch cards having been banned actually constituted 20 % of the turnover of the company. Lottotech has already been reported to have made losses of 15 %.

The shares of Automatic Systems Limited (Supertote) have also been affected by the rules. It has even been recommended for shareholders to sell their shares. Its manager, Guillaume Hardy, is currently analysing the situation before making any statement. But, he did add that the measures are going to impact negatively on the company.

As for the management of Lottotech, they have issued a communiqué explaining that they are currently waiting for relevant details from the GRA and other competent authorities as to the regulations. They have also requested the shareholders to be careful.

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