Budget 2015/2016: Shakeel Mohamed “Disappointed”

Shakeel Mohamed is reported to have expressed his disappointment over the 2015-2016 financial plan of the government.

shakeel M.

Shakeel Mohamed

The presentation of the budget is done, now is the time for its evaluation. The Opposition has already commented as to what they think of the government financial plan.

Shakeel Mohamed of the PTr said in a statement that he was disappointed over the first budget of the Alliance Lepep government; he was expecting better from them.

Upon leaving the National Assembly, he affirmed that the government is focusing on the “smart cities” because of its inability to solve the problems of the towns and villages.

He also said that the government cannot eradicate poverty. He believes that the latter wishes to put the burden on the private sector.

Furthermore, he hopes that the government will soon “realise the mistake it is making and rectify it”.

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