Court Order: Documents of Pazhany Thandrayen Will Not Be Examined By The Police

It seems that individuals associated with Nandanee Soornack have a way of catching the attention of the police. Recently, the attorney of the businesswoman, Pazhany Thandrayen, has been in the news. The police had seized certain documents in his possession that were said to be linked to the partnership of Nandanee Soornack and Rakesh Gooljaury.

Pazhany Thandrayen

Pazhany Thandrayen – Photo credit Lexpress

The attorney of Nandanee Soornack, Pazhany Thandrayen, had applied for an injunction so that his files, laptop and bank accounts were not to be examined by the police. His request has, in fact, been granted by Judge Hamuth yesterday, 17th of March, after the different parties were convened in front of the Judge to elaborate on the appeal made pertaining to the documents mentioned.

The court order will be applicable until the 20th of March.

When Pazhany Thandrayen returned to the island from Dubai on the 14th of March, the police had then seized his laptop, two mobile phones and some documents that were in his possession. According to a source of the investigators, the documents were described as being related to transactions having been contracted between Nandanee Soornack and Rakesh Gooljaury.

Pazhany Thandrayen had therefore called at the CCID headquarters in the company of his own legal representatives, namely Ashveen Gopee, Nitish Hurnaum, Sailesh Seebaruth and attorney Jaykar Gujadhur, on the 16th of March. He was meant to identify the documents that had been seized.

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