Dan Callikan Case: Inquiry Committee Needs More Power For Investigation Purposes

The Inquiry Committee in charge of the Dan Callikan affair wishes to summon the latter. However, the team yet has to be given the green light by the authorities, namely the Council of Ministers.

dan C.

Dan Callikan

Dan Callikan, the ex-Director of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), had resigned from his post just after the announcement of the results of the General Elections 2014 last December. A clause included in his contract allegedly dictated that he was to receive a certain compensation (18 months of salary) upon leaving his post voluntarily. The new government, however, had issues as to the relevance of such a condition in the clause, and thus a committee of inquiry was mounted to look into the matter.

The Inquiry Committee is required to have more power to obtain additional information from Dan Callikan. According to L’Express.mu, there has been consensus over this question by the Heads of State.

The government believes the contract of Dan Callikan is somewhat of a mystery. The Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, and other personalities of the government pointed out that no such clause as that of Dan Callikan’s has been mentioned in the contract of any other CEO of state-controlled firms.

Furthermore, it is argued that when an additional clause was added to the contract back when SAJ was Prime Minister, it did not speak of the 18-months-salary condition. How, then, has that compensation been included in the contract? This is what the Committee of Inquiry is determined to find out.

It is still, however, not sure whether the government will sue Dan Callikan. Prior to that, if it does happen, more information has to be gleaned about the case. But, for that to be possible, the Inquiry Committee needs to have more power.

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