Death of French Tourist Near Flat Island: Police Calls Out For Witnesses

The police of Grand-Baie has called out for eye-witnesses after the death of the French tourist Josiane Guibert. The latter fell from a trimaran named Babacool into the waters near Flat Island on the 14th of March at around 10h30. The accident in which the tourist lost her life had also made a number of injured people.

Skipper Jackson

Skipper Jackson Arte & the trimaran Babacool

On that day, many other skippers had decided not to go on outings into the sea because of the great waves. However, it seems that the skipper of the trimaran Babacool, Jackson Arte, had ignored the advice regarding the potential danger of the heavy waves. He was arrested by the police after the death of the tourist. The police investigation is still ongoing.

The police now intends to hear the version of the other skippers to shed more light on the circumstances that led to the tragic death of Josiane Guibert. Many have, however, refused to testify.

The husband of Josiane Guibert, Serge Guibert, believes the skipper is to be blamed for the accident and the death of his wife. He is reported to have said that they were not given life jackets. He is of the opinion that the skipper neglected the passengers of the trimaran. He has also related as to how his wife fell into the water. According to his version, she was holding on to his shirt but a heavy swell came and projected them onto the boat hull. When this happened, Josiane Guibert might have drowned there and then since she was not an adept swimmer. The brother of the husband attempted to rescue her three times, but was not successful.

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