Death of Iqbal Toofanny: Judicial Inquiry Starts Today

The judicial inquiry relating to the Iqbal Toofanny case starts today morning, 6th of March, in the court of Bambous.

iqbal t.

Victim Iqbal Toofanny

The DPP had previously announced that the investigation will be done under the supervision of a magistrate. A motion was to be presented in court today for the case to evolve under a magistrate.

The Principal Police Medical Officer, Dr Sudesh Gungadin, has submitted the medical report detailing the results of the autopsy he had performed on the corpse of the victim to the Human Rights Commission. However, his report differs from that of Dr Amar Charya Gujjalu who is a coroner from the private sector. The former had observed 15 injuries on the body of the victim, while the latter reported 9 only.

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