Family of Iqbal Toofany Who Died After Having Been Arrested Claims Police Brutality

A man of 42 years old, Iqbal Toofany, who had been arrested on the 1st of March died the next day after he was transported to the hospital. His family is perplexed as to what actually happened from the moment he was arrested.

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Iqbal Toofany, inhabitant of Vacoas, was arrested on Sunday, 1st of March following a routine investigation. According to the police, the car in which he was travelling lacked the license plate sticker. Furthermore, it was alleged that a number of suspicious items were found in the vehicle. Iqbal Toofany could not provide a satisfactory explanation as to the presence of such objects in his car and was thus driven to the police station.

It is said that he felt unwell on the next day and was thus transported to the hospital where he died.

An autopsy that was performed by Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin revealed that he had succumbed to a pulmonary edema.

However, his family believes that he was beaten by police officers. They have sought the service of a private coroner to shed more light on the affair.

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  • I have a feeling those five policemen who tortured and killed Iqbal Toofany
    might not get a fair justice as the Prosecution Service in Mauritius is very
    weak. Could the Prosecution Service prove me wrong?

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