GermanWings Airbus Crashes in Southern France – 148 People Onboard

Yet another aircraft now features on the list of macabre airplane crashes. GermanWings Flight 4U9525 went down in the South of France earlier today. It had set out from Barcelona with destination Düsseldorf when the tragedy happened.


An Airbus 320 of Germanwings at an airport in Duesseldorf, Germany. Photo credits: AP / Frank Augstein.

An airbus of GermanWings with around 148 people onboard, including a crew of 6, has crashed in the French Alps region, at Meolans-Revels. The site of the crash has also been estimated to be near Digne-Les-Bains in the Var area of Provence.


CTV News map depicting the estimated site of the crash

In a statement to the press, the French President, Francois Hollande, said that probably noone has survived the impact since the region where the plane crashed is a remote one. He also added that most victims were German.

It is not yet known if there has been any casualty on the ground.

“It’s a tragedy on our soil,” Hollande is reported to have said.

The French authorities were to communicate with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel to relay the information.

Rescue teams had set out to the site to check out on the casualties earlier. Hopefully, they will soon find survivors. However, it is said that the landscape of the region where the plane went down might obstruct the rescuers.


Map showing how the plane fell off the radar in the South of France. Photo credits: Al Jazeera.


Germanwings Flight 9525 flight path tracker. Image taken from

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