GIPM (Mauritius) Commando Police Officer Commits Suicide

A 34-year-old soldier of the ‘Intervention Group of the Mauritian Police’ – Groupement d’Intervention de la Police mauricienne (GIPM) – is said to have committed suicide on Sunday. According to, he hanged himself after arguing with his mother over the functioning of a “Livebox”. His brother related that he was drunk prior to the incident.


The member of the GIPM in question was part of the police force for 14 years. The police force of Mahebourg are currently looking into the matter to shed light onto the exact circumstances that led to his death. His brother has already been interrogated by the police.

On the day that he killed himself, he was at a party organised by his family. At a given moment, an argument broke between his mother and himself concerning a “Livebox” that was not operating. At around 21h45, he approached his mother and told her that he was leaving home. Half an hour later, his family realised that he was missing. They then set out to look for him.

Some time later, his brother discovered his body hanging onto a tree; it seemed to him that he had committed suicide. The former immediately cut the rope that was used and informed the police. Officers had thereafter taken the body to the hospital but the medical personnel found that he was already dead. The corpse was then sent to Victoria hospital for an autopsy to be performed, the results of which stated that the man died of asphyxia caused by hanging.

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  • What were you thinking when you chose that illustration for this story? How do you think the man’s family will feel when they see this?

    We know what a hanging looks like; we don’t need a picture of it. What a picture can’t show is the anguish of those left behind after suicide.

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