Goodlands Robbery Case: 3 Men Arrested

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Goodlands has arrested three individuals yesterday, 30th of March, who are thought to be involved in the act of violence that was perpetrated in the same village whereby a man and his wife were attacked and robbed. Also, a mobile phone – a Samsung Mini S5 – that features among the objects that were stolen has been retrieved.


The theft occurred on the 21st of March. Three armed individuals with their faces masked had entered into the house of a couple residing in Goodlands. They had tied the owners of the house before laying their hands on jewellery, mobile phones, and cash – the robbed objects were worth around Rs 250 000. The husband had been severely injured at the level of the head by the robbers.


The injuries of the man

The CID of the Northern Division led by the assistant superintendent of police, Sailesh Kumar Behary, together with the Field Intelligence Unit have been working on the affair. The investigation is being supervised by the assistant commissioner of police, Vinod Domah, the Norther Divisional Commander. The case is also being followed by the Commissioner of Police, Mario Nobin.

Among the individuals having been arrested is Saminaiken Sobanaden, an inhabitant of Ste-Croix. He was found in a house he was renting in Calebasses. He had in his possession one of the two mobile phones that were robbed from the couple of Goodlands; the woman whose house was robbed has positively identified the phone as being hers. Saminaiken Sobanaden argued that he had bought the phone for Rs 6 000 from someone on the day following the robbery. The transaction took place at Ste-Croix itself, according to him.

The two other men who were arrested are suspected of having participated in the robbery.

Find the video that was captured depicting the violent acts of the three men below:-

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