Heavy Rain Warning Persists (10.03.15)

The torrential rain warning has been extended to 17hoo today, 10th of March. The pouring rain will persist throughout today afternoon, according to the director of the meteorological station of Vacoas.


The heavy rain will continue to cause accumulation of water and flooding. Rivers and other water streams will flood with water much more than usual.

Several houses and yards have already been flooded since yesterday. Firemen have had to evacuate the stagnant water.

Many have even had to leave their homes to get to refuge centers. in the village of Quatre-Sœurs, 44 people had to look for shelter while there were 17 at Pointe-aux-Sables.

The weather conditions are not expected to improve today either. Tomorrow as well, the heavy rain will persist.

The cloud bands associated with Haliba are still influencing our weather. It is moving in an east-south-east direction at 15 km/h.

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