I. Toofany Case: SAJ Will Not Tolerate Any Abuse

Sir Anerood Jugnauth (SAJ) declared that he is not satisfied with the conditions relating to the release on bail of the 5 police officers involved in the Iqbal Toofany case. He has communicated his dissatisfaction to the commissioner of police.

iqbal t.

Iqbal Toofany who is said to have died as a consequence of being victim to police brutality

When prompted by the Leader of the Opposition, Paul Berenger, who put forward the Private Notice Question, SAJ explained in Parliament today 10th of March that the police had not objected to the release on bail of the five police officers who were previously arrested after Iqbal Toofany died when he was still in police custody. The accused had already given their statements and had denied the allegations levelled at them – this seemed to have been enough of an argument for the police not to object to their release.

SAJ later affirmed that the commissioner of police and the DPP have indeed met with the family members of the victim when asked by Paul Berenger.

Paul Berenger also asked whether measures have been devised for the safety of prisoners. SAJ replied that the commissioner of police has indeed taken immediate measures whereby the police has to give details concerning arrestations done at the Divisional Operations Room.

The Prime Minister asserted that he will not tolerate any abuse in the police force.

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