ICAC Survey: Mauritians Believe Police Officers Are Corrupted

Findings of a recent survey sponsored by the ICAC show that a portion of Mauritians have an overall bad opinion of police officers. More than 75 % of the participants believe that policemen are corrupted. Another part of the survey dealt with sources of news in Mauritius and Radio Plus was rated as the most reliable one.


A survey funded by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) revealed that 81.6 % of the participants believed that police officers are more or less corrupted. 38.6 % of them reported that, according to them, policemen are “highly corrupted”, with another 43 % that affirmed their opinion that policemen are “quite corrupted”. Only 3 % of them stated not believing that policemen are corrupted at all.

The report brought forth some surprising trends among those who enlisted their participation. Furthermore, 76 % of them were of the opinion that corruption is part of the culture of Mauritius.

Questions pertaining to other institutions were also included in the survey. 26.5 % of the participants believed that officers of those firms are corrupted. Among the top ones are the municipalities/ district councils, customs office and the National Transport Authority.


Photo credits: Defimedia

In spite of the overall surprising results, only 8 % of the surveyed people thought that corruption is a major problem in Mauritius. As to the greatest scourge faced by Mauritius, most of them replied with “unemployment”.

Furthermore, around 60.4 % of the individuals believes that Radio Plus is the most reliable source of information to inquire about corruption cases, followed by MBC radio and television and Radio One.


Photo credits: Defimedia

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