Internet Explorer is Dead – RIP IE

After 20 years of struggle to come to the top, and, yet failing during the last decade, Microsoft Internet Explorer has had to bid the world goodbye yesterday.

ie is dead

Microsoft has announced its decision to finally let go of IE (however, it might still stick around receiving tech support till 2016). IE used to be the most used browser during its early years. But, as others were found more appealing, “RELIABLE” and as they gradually gained the upper hand, IE was shunned as the ultimate slow browser that noone wanted to use. Well except to download another browser after a fresh installation of Windows!

However, one in four Web surfers would still make use of it.

IE became a thing back in 1995. IE 1.0 was the new version of Spyglass Mosaic. For years from then, it dominated the browser world. However, the emergence of Firefox in 2004 heralded the downfall of IE. Some years later, in 2008, Google launched Chrome that further impacted upon IE, as people showed great preference to the two new free browsers.

In 2006 already, researchers had pointed out a number of vulnerabilities associated with IE that would allow hackers to steal information from the computers of users.

From then on, IE has never gained the first rank. Firefox and Chrome always were preferred.

Microsoft will soon present a new browser, promised to be much more improved.

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