Interrogation of Abu Kasenally By CCID Investigators

Abu Kasenally, the ex-Minister of Land and Housing, together with the Senior Chief Executive Noorani Oozeer, are awaited at the CCID.

abu kasenally
Abu Kasenally

Both of the men, Abu Kasenally and Noorani Oozeer, will be interrogated Under Warning.

The decision to interrogate them is the result of the study of seven files bearing the signature of the ex-minister, Abu Kasenally. The evaluation was done by investigators of the Land Fraud Squad of the CCID as well as the legal counsel of the Ministry of Land and Housing, Robin Appaya.

Other personalities are expected to be interrogated in the near future pertaining to this investigation.

They are all suspected of not having abided by the rules, having obtained pieces of lands using fraudulent methods.

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