Iqbal Toofany Case: 5 Policemen Urgently Convened At The CCID

An eye-witness recently came forward to relate his version of what happened the night Iqbal Toofany is said to have been beaten up by policemen. Today afternoon, the CCID investigators in charge of the case have summoned the 5 police officers accused of having brutalised the victim.

police officers

4 of the 5 police officers accused of having mistreated Iqbal Toofany and the lawyer (right) leading the panel of legal representatives of the men

The five police officers having been accused of “torture by public official” pertaining to the Iqbal Toofany case have been urgently convened at the headquarters of the CCID today afternoon (19.03.15). Three of them had already arrived at 14h25.

They have been summoned at the CCID to confront the version of the eye-witness. The latter is a watchman who claims having seen and heard Iqbal Toofany being beaten up by policemen on the night of the 1st of March. He is reported in l’ to have said in a statement that the police officers had threatened the victim to admit to some crime or else they would “kill” him.

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