Iqbal Toofany Case: A Watchman Saw Policemen Beating Up The Victim

A watchman working at Mont & Glaise Club which is located in the vicinity of the police station of Rivière-Noire (with only a wall between the two buildings) swore an affidavit in Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon, 10th of March, asserting that he saw four police officers brutalise Iqbal Toofany who died when he was still in police custody on the 2nd of March.

police officers

Four of the police officers involved in the case and the lawyer defending them

The affidavit of the watchman was written by attorney Kaviraj Bhuckory. He stated that he heard the victim say to the officers: “Pa batt mwa, mo pa finn kokin!” The statement reads that Toofany was treated “kouma enn zanimo”. Furthermore, he heard sounds from the police station. He also added that one of the policemen, namely the police sergeant, admitted to him that he had beaten up a man.

The watchman said that he had related the incident to his daughter.

After the affidavit was made, he went to the national commission of human rights to submit the document.

As for the evolution of the Iqbal Toofany case, the DPP had previously initiated a legal investigation to be under the supervision of a magistrate to shed light on the circumstances that led to the death of the victim.

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