Iqbal Toofany Case: DPP Announces Thorough Investigation Under The Supervision of A Magistrate

After the DPP met with the father of Iqbal Toofany who died under mysterious circumstances in the hospital after having been arrested a day before and while he was still under police surveillance, it was decided for the death of the victim to be thoroughly investigated under the supervision of a magistrate.

police officers

Four of the police officers who were arrested and lawyer Samad Goolamally (far right) who is at the head of the panel of lawyers defending the accused

The father of the victim had a meeting with the DPP in the company of his legal representative, Ericksson Mooneapillay, earlier today before the decision was taken.

The DPP’s announcement was based on the articles 110 (Investigation in case of violent death) and 111 (Inquiry into violent or suspicious death) of the District and Intermediate Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act. The DPP added that it is in the public interest to carry out the investigations under a magistrate.

Tomorrow morning, 6th of March, a motion will be presented in the court of Bambous so that a magistrate can supervise the case. According to the Toofany family, this decision might eventually challenge the release on bail of the police officers involved in the case who had been previously arrested. The latter have been accused of having tortured Iqbal Toofany such that the injuries ultimately caused his death. When they were freed after the payment of the bail yesterday, the family of the victim had actively shown their protest in front of the Line Barracks.

The victim’s family members are not the only ones to be demanding justice for Iqbal Toofany. In a matter of a few days, individuals from the public have stood up for his case. The group that has gathered for the cause has asked for the permission of the authorities to organise a peaceful march. If they are granted their request, the demonstration will take place on the 23rd of March.

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  • An act that transgresses the law of humanity in every possible dimension. Like a dove, an innocent, humble person is locked away. Alone and defenceless he lost his life, a loving wife and three adorable daughters. The perpetrators, they were not ‘ monkeys ‘, they were the very same people in whom we have bestowed our trust in their taking care of our fears. Provide us with the reassurance that whilst in their custody we are safe and as protected as can be. Alas! instead there were, tears and pain, ‘lashes of blows that lead me to my last breath and death'( Iqbal). The betrayal is beyond all comprehension. The responsibility, the responsibility rest upon pitiful ignorance by many at prominent places who are at the liberty to voice their opinion as it suits them best. But as a nation it will be our cross to bear.

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