Iqbal Toofany Case: Hospital Documents & Video Recording Lost

The hospital documents relating to the admission of Iqbal Toofany into Victoria hospital are said to be missing. Furthermore, the video recording has allegedly been deleted. The father of the victim demands justice for his son, and cannot get over how these important documents have been ‘lost’.

Yousouf Toofany

Yousouf Toofany (in the center). Photo credits: L’

The Iqbal Toofany case continues, with a new ‘plot twist’. The Senior Health Record Clerk of Victoria hospital where the victim died, Gobin Lekram, said in a statement in the court of Bambous that the hospital personnel does not have any document relating to the admission of Iqbal Toofany in the medical institution. Furthermore, the video recordings have also been erased.

Moreover, the Casualty Card of the victim is also no more in the possession of the hospital administration. According to Lekram Gobin, the document was delivered to a police officer.

Upon learning of these pieces of information, the father of the victim, Yousouf Toofany, has expressed great anger. He demands for the location of the documents and recordings to be found.

According to l’Express, he said:

«Où sont passés les documents ? Camera footage la inn perdi. Bizin coner kot linn aler. Mo pa pou rest calm.»

During the legal investigation, the Acting Regional Health Services Administrator, Jayshree Chuckory, indicated that the video recordings have been erased. He explained that the data are automatically deleted after five days.

The family of Iqbal Toofany, however, argue that it was said to them that they will have the video in 15 days. They, therefore, wonder as to what happened to the video in question.

Yousouf Toofany has asked the authorities and the PM to “take their responsibilities”. He believes that his family has the right to know as to what really happened to his son.

The legal investigation will resume on Tuesday in the court of Bambous.

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  • This is no less than a scandal, but at the same time i must confess, i’m not surpriced significantly.A short time ago, my friend’s papers and video recordings from a break-in, disappeared at the Police station 3 times.I sincerely hope that justice must be done, so the family can have certainty.

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