Iqbal Toofany Case: The Accused Policemen Denied Bail

The police has objected to the release on bail of the officers accused of having brutalised Iqbal Toofany in the court of Bambous today.


Crowd gathered outside court of Bambous today. Photo credits: L’Express

The five policemen initially inculpated for “torture by public officer” now face charges of homicide. They have presented in the court of Bambous today, 20th of March.

The police has objected to their release on bail, arguing that the accused might flee or influence the witnesses. Furthermore, the police stated that the suspects might resort to ways to escape justice.

The five police officers accused of the tragic end of Iqbal Toofany have thus been kept in detention.

Also, a massive crowd had gathered outside the court of Bambous today when the legal proceedings were underway. Mauritians, at large, have felt specially concerned ever since the case was made known to the public. The #JeSuisIqbal hashtag has been trending over Facebook and a demonstration was organised for the public to protest against police brutality.

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