Airplanes Approaching SSR Airport (Mauritius) Blinded By Laser Pointers

Keeping an aircraft flying in the air requires great skills from pilots. The same goes for landing. However, certain things are out of the control of the pilots. For instance, bright light flashed at them can momentarily blind them, potentially leading to accidents. Several pilots have complained of the hassle laser torches constitute during landing. The Director of Aviation has thus called out for necessary measures to counter this predicament.

Pilot blinded by laser pointers

According to the acting director of Civil Aviation, Iswarduth Pookhun, several pilots have reported that they are greatly troubled by the light coming from laser torches during both taking off and landing. This happens one time a month on average. They assert that they can very well be blinded by the light thereby unable to avert any accident. This issue is not restricted to Mauritius only. Throughout the world, pilots have complained of the hazard of blinding laser pointers.

Aircrafts might be taken off course, becoming destabilised, putting the lives of both passengers and crew at risk.

Furthermore, using a laser pointer in the direction of an aircraft is an offence in light of the Civil Aviation Act. Anyone found to be guilty of this crime is susceptible to a Rs 10 000 fine and a one-year imprisonment.

Therefore, a number of changes will soon be implemented. The law governing this issue might be amended to accommodate for more strict regulations to provide a more secure atmosphere for pilots.

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