Jameel Peerally Issued Fine For Megaphone Use During Demonstration For Iqbal Toofany Case

While the ‘Justice for Iqbal Toofany‘ peaceful march went by smoothly, the organiser, social worker Jameel Peerally, has had to pay for a fine for not having respected the conditions set by the authorities not to use a megaphone when addressing the public, according to a local news agency (information not confirmed yet by the Mauritian Police Force).


Jameel Peerally

It seems that social worker Jameel Peerally might have not respected all the conditions set by the police for the peaceful march that was organised as a way of protesting against the alleged ill-treatment of Iqbal Toofany that led to his death. He has had to pay a fine for “breach of conditions”.

The peaceful demonstration started off at Khadafi Square, Plaine-Verte, at 10h00 on the 15th of March. The procession thereafter walked till the ‘Jardin de la Compagnie’ where Jameel Peerally addressed the crowd. He was, however, not authorised to use a megaphone. He has, therefore, been issued a fine for “breach of condition under Public Gathering Act”.

That might not be all though. Jameel Peerally allegedly made statements that could have troubled public order on that day according to local media reports. He could thus be subject to more sanctions even if no unpleasant incident occurred.


  • This is completely baseless information from the local media originating from 24hr info, and further picked up by other media sources. There has been no fine from the police as is claimed above, and there has been no commuication from the police on statements of incitation to trouble public order.

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