Mare-aux-Vacoas & Mare-Longue Reservoirs 100 % Filled

While many will complain of the current weather conditions, we cannot deny that the rain filling our reservoirs is extremely beneficial to us. Reservoirs Mare-aux-Vacoas and Mare-Longue, have, in fact, been filled up to full capacity.


Mare-aux-Vacoas reservoir

The torrential rain Mauritians have experienced lately has been both glad tidings and bad news. While reservoirs Mare-aux-Vacoas and Mare-Longue have been 100 % filled, people residing in the south of the island, namely from villages like La-Flora, Bois-Chéri, Rose-Belle, Chemin-Grenier, Chamouny, as well as inhabitants of the capital, Port-Louis, have had to bear the brunt of the heavy rain.

Several households have been inundated. Furthermore, these areas might also be deprived of water supply as a result of the obstruction of CWA (Central Water Authority) filters by mud water, as explained by the Hot Line Coordinator of the CWA, Dorina Prayag.

These conditions might persist till the 11th of this month.

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