Mauritius Flag Raising 2015: Ceremony To Be Held at Reduit in Case of Rain

It is out of question for the celebrations that have been prepared for weeks now to be postponed because of the stormy weather. However, in case of torrential rain, they will not happen at the Champ-de-Mars racing course – if plan A fails, plan B will be resorted to. The flag raising ceremony will then be held at Reduit.

chateau de reduit

The celebrations marking the 47th anniversary of the Independence of Mauritius and the 23rd since it became a Republic will happen whether it rains cats and dogs under a stormy sky or not.

The schedule of today is full of events for the guest of honour, Narendra Modi, who will attend the flag raising ceremony, visit the Ganga Taloa and address the National Assembly in between other visits.

The Ministry of Arts and Culture has organised a show for the national festival today, to start off at 18h00 today at Champ-de-Mars.

In case of heavy rain, the guests will be accommodated in a marquee – all preparations have been arranged for the events of today. However, the public will have to take its own precautions.

The meteorological station of station fortunately forecasted that the weather conditions will improve by today afternoon.

However, if torrential rain does disturb the events, the programme will have to be modified. The celebrations might be cancelled, and the flag raising ceremony will be held at the State House.

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