May 1st 2015: No Political “Meeting” For The PTR & The MMM

Surprisingly, the PTr and the MMM will not organise the famous 1st-of-May meeting for this year.


Members of the PTr: spokesperson Arvind Boolell (far left), Shakeel Mohamed, PTr leader at the National Assembly, and Patrick Assirvaden (far right) , the president. Photo credits:

The PTr will not hold the meeting of the 1st of May this year. Rather, the members of the party stated that they will focus on a congress that has been scheduled for the month of May itself.

The MMM will not hold the 1st-of-May meeting either, but it will have a central committee meeting on that same day.

As for Alliance Lepep, its meeting will be held at Vacoas on the 1st of May.

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