snake in mauritius

Mysterious ‘Snake-Like’ Reptile Seen At Signal Mountain (Port Louis)

A group of young people reported having seen a mysterious reptile on Saturday night, 14th of March, at the foot of Signal Mountain.

One of the witnesses, Wazeer Sumodhee, stated that they heard bizarre noises when they were sitting at the foot of the mountain at around 00h05. However, they could not perceive what was the source of the sound because they had music playing in their car.

snake in mauritius

Then, within some time, they found the noise to be coming from nearer and nearer. Ultimately, they saw a long reptile appear in front of them. They were shocked and decided to move from the spot they were.

They did fortunately have the time to record the happening.

The police was later informed of what happened.

The reptile in question has not yet been found though.

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