Nandanee Soornack Soon To Be Back To Confront Her Accusers

After weeks of silence, Nandanee Soornack speaks out. Lawyer Yatin Varma had previously announced that he will no more represent her in court because she did not abide by his recommendation to return to the country voluntarily. It seems that she has now changed her mind. Nandanee Soornack might soon be back to Mauritius.


Her new legal representative, Raj Boodhoo, of Mauritian origin and Solicitor at Raj Law Solicitors in the UK, stated that his client is a victim of the situation, alleging that she has not been on equal footing with those who have leveled the accusations at her. He also added that she is ready to confront the Mauritian justice system. In how much time will Nandanee Soornack now grace Mauritius with her presence, wonder all of us.

Nandanee Soornack is apparently determined to return to the island to defend her rights and her name. According to Raj Boodhoo, she has not done it until now because of certain obligations relating to the country where she is currently staying, Italy.

She is also concerned as to her security once she lands in Mauritius. Her worry over safety issues stems from how her ‘image and reputation have been attacked and how her fundamental rights have been baffled’. She believes that some from the press have already ‘judged her’ before she was even brought in front of a court of justice.

Raj Boodhoo spoke in defence of his client, relaying the latter’s arguments. Nandanee Soornack stated not having neglected paying her bills to the Airports of Mauritius Ltd (AML) and the Airport Terminal Operations Ltd (ATOL), adding that the necessary arrangements were made for a monthly reimbursement of Rs 2 million as from last December. However, the payment for January was not accepted.

Raj Boodhoo also affirmed that it is “practically impossible” for his client to pay back the debts all at once.

Nandanee Soornack has also rejected the Rs 59 million debt payment, asserting that the final debt to be paid, while cancelling out the debts that both parties owe to each other, is around Rs 35 to Rs 40 million.

Furthermore, she affirmed that her presence is not required for the settling of the differences between Airway Coffee and AML.

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