Narendra Modi Promises Funding of Developmental Projects in Mauritius

The visit of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to our island, has been short but productive. He has indeed discussed a number of agreements with the Mauritian PM, Sir Anerood Jugnauth (SAJ), including the financing of a second cybercity.

N. modi

Narendra Modi in the company of Mauritian personalities

India and Mauritius are known for their exceptional bilateral relationship – they have both maintained good ties with each other for decades now. Following the long-established trend, Prime Minister Modi stated that he has, together with his Mauritian counterpart, succeeded at strengthening the ties.

Narendra Modi and SAJ have addressed the members of the government and the press who had all gathered at the National Assembly, whereby both PMs discussed a number of agreements having been concluded.

India has granted a line of credit worth 500 million American dollars to the Mauritian government, meant to fund several developmental projects relating to water distribution in Mauritius, as explained by SAJ.

The two heads of state have also discussed Agalega as one of the main subjects. Apparently, an agreement has been signed as to the development of Agalega. The details of the contract have however not been disclosed yet.

Narendra Modi also spoke of maritime cooperation to boost the emergence of a “blue economy”. Infrastructural development at the port of Mauritius has also been included in the list as India has as aim to assist Mauritius in becoming a maritime “Regional Hub”.

Furthermore, a “second cybercity” might soon see the light of the day. The first one was also made possible through investments from India.

Perhaps, the only topic that remains with grey areas concerns the agreement of double taxation. The Indian PM commented on this, saying that they will have more discussions relating to this subject, highlighting that it is necessary to prevent any abuse at the same time. But, he did add that India will not do anything to damage this sector that is important for the Mauritian economy.

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