Navin Ramgoolam Awaited Today At The CCID For Examination of His Mobile Phones

The Navin Ramgoolam case undergoes new developments. The ex-PM is awaited at the CCID today for the officers to examine his mobile phones.

navin r.

Photo credits: TopFM.

It was planned weeks ago for the mobile phones of the ex-PM to be examined by officers of the police IT Unit. Today, Navin Ramgoolam is awaited at the CCID headquarters for the exercise to be carried out.

Judge Rita Teeluck gave the police the authorisation to analyse the six mobile phones of Navin Ramgoolam last week.

Furthermore, Navin Ramgoolam still has to explain the source of the Rs 220 million seized at his place. Also, he was requested to write down his own version of the Roches-Noires affair last week at the CCID.

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