Navin Ramgoolam To Be Interrogated For Defamatory Audio Against Jugnauth Family

Apparently, Navin Ramgoolam will soon be interrogated by the CCID pertaining to the diffamatory audio recording that was released during a PTr meeting last year during the electoral campaigns.

navin r.

Navin Ramgoolam

The audio recording regarded as diffamatory against the Jugnauth family that was released last year during the electoral campaigns is in the limelight yet again. The Navin Ramgoolam affair had eclipsed other cases for a while. The investigations, however, had not stopped.

In fact, the campaign manager of constituency 7, Mahen Utchana, was interrogated at the CCID last Friday. His mobile phone was analysed by the officers of the IT Unit.

Another candidate of the ex-PTr-MMM alliance had also been called at the CCID last Thursday.

The ex-treasurer of the PTr, Ah Fat Lan Hing Choy, has also been interrogated. He had, however, alleged not being present at the electoral meeting when the recording was released.

Navin Ramgoolam, though, was present on the 8th of December at Rivière-du-Rempart when the incident happened. It is expected that he will soon be interrogated as well. Perhaps, it is only a matter of time for the police officers to ask of him a testimony.

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