NGO Parapli Rouz Appalled At The Treatment of Sex Workers By Police Officers

A group of 13 sex-workers ‘operating’ in Port-Louis have been arrested by the Central Criminal Investigation (CID) last week, on the 25th of March – something that has left many displeased. The NGO asserts that the police officers have shown no consideration and respect for the constitutional rights of the sex workers in question. A letter has been sent to the office of the PM to address this issue.

parapli rouz

Members of Parapli Rouz on their first peaceful march at Rose-Hill. Photo credits:

The organisation affirms that the police officers have not informed the sex workers of the reason as to their arrest. Its members also stated that their constitutional rights were not read to them as dictated by law. They added that the sex workers who were arrested were forcefully taken to the headquarters of the CCID where they were searched, threatened and insulted by the police. They were then allegedly informed that they were not allowed to walk freely on the streets after 18h00 and were not authorised to carry condoms with them.

Three of the sex workers have supposedly been released on that night itself, without any charges levelled at them. As for the other ten, they were released on parole after the police wrote statements against them; they were also asked to appear at the Pope Hennessy police station and in court the next day.

It is also said that the police informed the lawyer of the 13 women the day after they were taken into custody.

Intending to fight for what they believe are their rights, the members of the NGO have sent a letter to the PM.

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