Paul Berenger Disappointed by The Budget Speech of Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo

The Leader of the Opposition, Paul Berenger, commented on the first budget of the Alliance Lepep government, describing it as an extremely disappointing one.

Paul B.

Paul Berenger

According to the Leader of the Opposition, Paul Berenger, the budget speech of the Minister of Finance Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo was a disappointing one. He has described it as the ‘most disjointed’ one he has ever heard of since 1976 when he first became a member of the Parliament.

Paul Berenger has not shied away from expressing his opinion. He has tagged the “no tax budget” comment of Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo as being a “bad joke”. He stated that taxpayers will still have to pay for taxes through the Build Mauritius Fund and the increased contribution to the STC; he stated that the government thus takes around Rs 1 billion 400 million from the taxpayers.

He has also criticised the GDP Growth. The Minister of Finance has forecast a 5.3 % growth in the GDP for this year and 5.7 % for next year. He argued that this would not be achieved because of the lack of investment.


  • Politics is very bad as those who do it. To win a party at an election, each member talks bad and lie about the opposite party.

    I personally don’t like that, we are killing others to be liked and people beyond that like us and vote for us. Mauritians are blind. Haters wins and lovers are too poor to express their opinion.

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