Raj Dayal Insisted To Change The Schedule of Narendra Modi At Grand-Bassin

When Raj Dayal wants something, it seems that nothing will stop him – he will have what he wants. Or not, ultimately. Raj Dayal had, in fact, insisted for the guest of honour of the 12th of March celebrations, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to participate in a prayer in a temple managed by his family at Grand-Bassin despite the fact that this was not part of the initial plan.


Raj Dayal discussing with a security officer. Photo credits: L’express.mu

The programme as to the events Narendra Modi would attend yesterday 12th of March was already elaborated. He was to pay a visit at the Ganga Talao as part of his schedule during his stay in Mauritius. It was arranged that he would first pray in a tent set up at the entrance of Ganga Talao and then he would pray at a spot near the lake considered to be blessed by Hindus of Mauritius.

However, according to L’Express, around 30 minutes before his arrival at Grand-Bassin, the Minister of Environment, Raj Dayal, spoke with one of the Indian officers in charge of the security of Narendra Modi, Manish Sharma, sharing his wish to pray beside the Indian PM in a temple managed by his family situated near the lake.

Since the protocol had already been established as to the activities of the Indian PM, Manish Sharma refused to accept the request of Raj Dayal. However, the latter did not seem to be appeased by that answer. He insisted that he would have his way. According to l’Express, in his conversation to Manish Sharma, Raj Dayal is reported to have clearly and loudly said “I will not listen to you”. He stated that he would talk to the PM to inform him that he would receive him in the temple in question.

Raj Dayal is said to have repeated his requests, that apparently sounded more like demands. Manish Sharma kept on explaining that they could not divert from the established protocol. He asserted the Narendra Modi did not know of any change in the programme and that he could not possibly explain that to him.

Ultimately, Raj Dayal had to give in. But, he did add that he intended on gifting some books to Narendra Modi. The Indian security officers then said that it would be up to them to convey the books to their PM.

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