Salaries of Officials of Public Institutions Jump From Rs 200 000 To Rs 40 000

A number of changes are to be implemented in State firms and public organisations relating to the board of directors, as announced by the Minister of Good Governance, Roshi Bhadhain. The minister affirmed that the proposal to bringing in massive changes in public institutions has been approved by the Council of Ministers.

Roshi Bhadain

Roshi Bhadain

Salaries of members of the board of directors reaching till Rs 200 000 and privileges like having offices, company cars and drivers will no longer be available to the heads of the firms. The monthly salary will now be Rs 40 000.

Furthermore, the presidents of the board of directors of the public institutions will work on a part-time basis.

Minister Roshi Bhadain proclaimed the new changes during a press conference held yesterday 4th of March with the primary goal to discussing the investigation concerning the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise.

He also added that the post of Executive Chairman will be abolished since it is not in line with good practices. Only those of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President will remain.

Another change to occur entails the evaluation of the performance of each board of directors, together with that of the respective members, including the CEO and the President. A new system – a Performance Appraisal System based on a modern methodology where the CEO will assess his president and vice versa – will be set up.

Following the evaluation, the Minister deems it his duty to report any trouble to the ministers concerned.

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