Sales of Scratch Cards Continues in Mauritius For Now

Scratch cards are still available on stalls while retailers wait for clarifications from the GRA.

scratch cards

Scratch cards available locally

Scratch cards are once again on sale. Have the retailers turned a deaf ear to the prohibition pertaining to the selling of scratch cards? The Minister of Finance, Vishnu Luchmeenaraidoo, had announced on Monday 23rd of March that according to the government financial plan he drew, scratch cards will be banned.

Faced with the new regulations that will potentially impact negatively on the turnover of gambling firms, retailers decided to have further details regarding the ban from the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA).

The retailers are not, however, breaking any law per say. They have been given a deadline by the Minister of Finance.

While waiting for the clarifications to be provided by the GRA, the selling of the cards will undergo a transition period. Lottotech, for instance, has been given an extension of three months whereby their clients can claim what they have gained from the games.

22 different types of scratch cards are currently available on the market. A considerable portion of the Rs 2.7 billion made by the firm last year was obtained from scratch cards that had brought 44 millionaires.

It is to be noted that the new regulations mentioned in the budget speech also includes a ban on advertising for the games. Billboards have already been brought down.

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