Strong Winds Warning in Force in Mauritius (11.03.15)

Strong winds and the stormy weather accompanied by thunder are to be expected today, till around 13h00. The rain will become less and less frequent by today afternoon though.


The weather conditions of Mauritius are still being influenced by ex-Haliba. Moderate to torrential rain accompanied by thunder and winds of speed of 80 km/h are to be expected yet again.

An instability line is to pass over Mauritius today 11th of March that is going to account for the stormy weather conditions. The meteorological station of Vacoas has therefore issued a strong wind and thunderstorm warning for today, lasting till 13h00.

The weather will be cloudy in the north and west of the island, as well as on the central plateau. By today afternoon though, the rain will have subsided, growing less and less frequent, but the central plateau is expected to have more rain today evening.

Outings to west and south coasts are not recommended.

In spite of the weather conditions, schools are open today after having been closed to students for two days.

Meanwhile, Haliba is moving away from us in a south-south-west direction.

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