Measures To Reduce Traffic Jam: Third Lane of Motorway M2 Opened Today Near Roche-Bois

Following the dramatic damage of the Terre-Rouge-Verdun road, the authorities have had to come up with drastic measures to reduce the traffic congestion that resulted from the closing of the motorway. One of the solutions has been implemented today: a third lane at the motorway near Roche-Bois has been opened. Another of the measures to be taken in the future entails a passenger-ferry project to link Port-Louis and Pointe-aux-Sables.


The third lane of motorway M2 near Roche-Bois has been opened during the weekend. Today, it will be determined whether it will successfully serve as extra path to dilute the traffic congestion at the northern entry to the capital.

Construction works had begun at the end of February between the roundabout of Cocoterie and that of Roche-Bois.

Despite the opening of the road, the “divertion path” at Roche-Bois will be kept operational.

The third path is one of the short-term solutions devised after the closing of the Terre-Rouge-Verdun motorway. Weeks ago, when that road had had to be closed because of the extensive damage that occurred, the problem of traffic jam intensified further. Therefore, the government had to find ways to dilute the traffic congestion.

The authorities will soon implement another of the planned measures. Another lane will soon be created at the entry of the capital for drivers coming from the south and from the center of the island.

A passenger-ferry to connect Port-Louis and Pointe-aux-Sables will also be part of the plan – this project will be exercised on a pilot basis by the Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources & Fisheries, Shipping and Outer Islands and will necessitate the setting up of a ferry terminal at Caudan, with embarkation stops at Pointe-aux-Sables and Baie-du-Tombeau.

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