Torrential Rain Warning in Mauritius Till 17:00 Today (9th March 2015)

The meteorological station of Vacoas has maintained the torrential rain warning till 17h00 today.


Photo credits: Ashraf Peer (Facebook)

The torrential rain being experienced all across Mauritius today morning (09.03.15) is expected to persist till 17h00. The warning has thus been maintained by the experts of the Vacoas meteorological station.

Yesterday, a communiqué was issued to inform the population that all educational institutions will be closed for today because of the potential dangers that might be caused by the weather.

The current weather conditions are the result of a moderate tropical storm, Haliba, which was spotted by the meteorological services of Madagascar yesterday.

Certain regions of the island have been severely affected by the heavy rain during the last few days, namely those from the south and south-west of Mauritius. Several houses have had water accumulation in the villages La Flora, New Grove, and Rivière-du-Poste.

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