Tropical Storm Haliba At Its Closest To Mauritius Tonight (09.03.15)

Clouds associated with tropical storm Haliba are still above us – we should expect more rain throughout the evening of today. Haliba will be at its closest at 200 km from us tonight.

cyclone haliba

The torrential rain has been pouring down on us since today morning and does not look like it will abate any time soon. Already, 135.6 mm of rain has been recorded at Grand-Bassin from 04h00 yesterday till 04h00 today. Other regions have also been drenched, namely Plaisance (113.9 mm), Queen Victoria (96.11 mm), Mon-Bois (85.6 mm) and Providence (83.8 mm).

As has been the trend since the last few years in our country, torrential rain that fills our reservoirs comes with a heavy price. Firemen have had to deal with more than 23 interventions since today morning. Dozens of people have had to take to refugee centers after their houses were inundated. Apparently, more water accumulation will occur today afternoon. High-risk regions are to remain alert, specially that rivers and other water streams are flooding already.

The active cloud bands brought by the tropical storm Haliba are still hovering over us, leading to pouring rain and thunder. Furthermore, Haliba will be at its closest to Mauritius tonight at 200 km at the south-south-west of Baie-du-Cap. It was at 330 km away from us at 10h00 today. It is moving in an east-south-east direction at a speed of 15km/h.

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