Victoria Square: Army of Bees Invade a Taxi

Hassam Hisaund, a taxi driver of 63 years old, operating in the city and based in Victoria Square, has been greatly surprised when he returned to his vehicle after having stopped to buy “dholl puri” near the bus stand: he was greeted by a swarm of bees that had found a way into his car through the open window.

bees in taxi

Always close your car windows when you leave your vehicle unattended, even if it is for a short while. Why, you ask? Because of the risk of vandalism and robbery, and also, because queen bees might choose to conquer the ‘territory’. A taxi driver based in Port-Louis, Hassam Hisaund, has had the bitter-sweet experience of having his car invaded by a swarm of bees after he took a “dholl-puri” break.

The situation was so drastic that a beekeeper named Dilchad Ben Delbar had had to be called to get rid of the bees from the car.

The scene had attracted many passers-by who stared in bewilderment. It is surely not everyday that Mauritians get to relish over such a sight. Albeit a frightening sight.

Dilchad Ben Delbar explained that he had never before seen so many bees ‘conquering’ a car. He stated that the queen had entered the car first and so the others followed suit, quite literally!

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